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Reliable Guidance | Financial Well-Being | Boldly Transparent


Research and our experience has given us four truths about investors:

  1. They typically don't know what investments they own.
  2. They don't know what those investments might do in different kinds of markets (good or bad).
  3. They don't know what their investments cost them.
  4. They don't know how much they pay their advisor.

At Cornerstone Wealth Management in Rochester, we are changing that. Our clients are empowered because our mission is simple. We provide our clients reliable guidance to pursue their financial well-being in a relationship that is boldly transparent

Kelly Olczak, CFP®

Managing Partner, Private Wealth Manage

From the beginning, Kelly Olczak, Founder, Managing Partner and Private Wealth Manager, CFP® at Rochester Cornerstone Wealth Management (CWM), had a vision. She wanted to be part of a wealth management firm defined by its expertise, integrity, and genuine warmth.

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Jason Curtis, AAMS®

Private Wealth Manager

It’s one thing to read about your financial manager’s extensive training and expertise. But it’s quite another to maintain confidence through the challenges and turbulence that are so common in our modern society.

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Rosa LaDelfa

Chief Marketing Officer

Trust. Honesty. Integrity. We believe values matter, and we live by ours every day.

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Kathy Sengupta, RP®

Operations Manager

Walk into Rochester Cornerstone Wealth Management and you are immediately in good hands. Greeting clients with a smile and more than 30 years of experience across an array of fields is Kathy Sengupta, Operations Manager at Rochester’s Cornerstone Wealth Management.

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